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Groups & Couples Counseling

Live-Your-Dream Counseling provides group therapy and couples counseling here in Bertram, Texas. As with our individual sessions, these services are delivered in an inviting, open environment, where clients are encouraged to explore their feelings.

Bringing Couples Together

We offer pre-marital counseling for those working on past issues before tying the knot, as well as counseling for couples looking to save their marriage. No matter the situation, we help couples understand each other better and communicate effectively. Before we begin working with a couple, we feel it is essential that both parties are invested in the process. Sometimes the counseling process involves finding the key to saving a relationship, but at other times, the process involves clarifying that one person, or both, are not really dedicated to continuing in that partnership.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Our group counseling takes many forms, including our "Reclaiming Your Voice" group for women who feel like they have lost themselves due to time and energy spent helping the family. We also address other issues in groups for aging issues, self-esteem, and more.

Teen Group Counseling

This group focuses on anxiety, depression, self-harm, and traumatic issues, as well as drugs and alcohol. It is often hard to find available counseling groups for these issues, but Live-Your-Dream Counseling offers a solution. Groups can even be tailored to the specific needs of the group, school, or issue.